Animated gate

The X-Treme Gate's streamlined housing is installed onto the tailgate of your truck. Once it's installed, the  X-Treme Gate can be used at anytime, deploying within a matter of seconds. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Simply slide out the X-Treme Gate's extending panels from the housing.

  2. Raise the side panels.

  3. Raise/rotate the extending panels up and forward. 

  4. Slide the retainer clip over the retainer post.

Voila! You have just gained 10 square feet of additional cargo space in the bed of your truck.

d4  d5

Whether you are a professional or a weekend warrior, the X-Treme Gate will get the job done!  Recover the lost space your toolbox has taken up.

d6  d7  d8

The X-Treme Gate easily deploys and stows in only seconds!  

d2  D1  d3

Unlike the other extenders, you don't have to remove or rearrange the X-Treme Gate prior to loading your cargo bed.  The X-Treme Gate can be deployed in less than 10 seconds!  So don't waste your valuable play time messing with other awkward extenders, get the X-Treme Gate and hit the trails without the hassle.




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